Smartphone Repair

$2,000.00 $400.00

Smartphone Tech Bootcamp 
This course will bring you from beginner concepts of mobile phone technology and repair, to advanced concepts critical for the most successful smartphone technicians, complete with industry-relevant knowledge and tools that will help open doors for your future career.

Class Duration: 2 hours classes for 8 weeks
Required Materials:   Minimum 1  used/repairable  or Unlockable SmartPhone device


  • Initial Setup
  • Firmware flashing
  • Software troubleshooting
    • Slow Launching of App
    • Insufficient space on device
    • SD Card not registering
    • Unable to transfer files from PC to Phone
    • Battery Draining
  • Phone Modifications
    • Software Rooting
    • Phone Jailbreaks
    • Developer Mode Activation


  • Phone breakdown
  • Troubleshooting Different components
  • Component Replacement
  • Glass and LCD Replacement
  • Water damage troubleshooting

Advanced Troubleshooting

  • Device Unlocking
  • Repair Log/Manual

Final Assesment:

Review and questions
Practical Exam




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