Mobile Application Design and Development

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Mobile Application Design

This course is intended to introduce students to thedifferent mobile platforms and operating systems, and the constraints and challenges in mobile application development. Students will look at the unique design and deployment issues that must be taken into consideration when developing applications for mobile devices. The course will specifically look at the tools used to design mobile applications.  We will learn about mobile platforms, mobile browsers, native applications, and best practices in terms of test usability.

The objectives of this course are to:

  • Ensure that students can define mobile computing and the types of mobile devices.
  • Ensure that students are able to detail the history of mobile computing.
  • Explain the basic theory behind networks and cellular networks.
  • Ensure that students have an understanding of user interface design considerations.
  • Ensure that students are able to design apps for Android devices.
  • Ensure that students re able to design apps for IOS devices.
  • Ensure that students able to design end user focused applications.

Topic 1: Getting Started

  • Mobile applications vs. Mobile websites – Which is better for what?
  • Introduction to mobile devices & specs
  • A Brief History of Devices
  • iOS vs. Android vs. Others – War of the Titans

Topic 2: Planning Ahead

  • Recognizing user friendly elements
  • UI/UX basics & planning
  • Creating a Wireframe – Becoming a Digital Architect
  • Building a Flowchart – What’s the next step?

Topic 3: Visual Elements

  • Understanding Color Psychology – What appeals to the masses?
  • Applying attractive shapes
  • Wireframe to Concept – Begin bringing your design to life.

Topic 4: Modern Styles

  • Emphasis and blending – What should stand out?
  • Functional graphical elements
  • Understanding various styles – Web 2.0, iOS7, etc.

Topic 5: Icons & Branding

  • iOS & Android restrictions on icons
  • Tips and tricks on creating custom icons
  • Popular icon styles & sets – Icons can make or break a design.

Topic 6: Testing your Design

  • Proof of Concept – Otherwise known as POC
  • Gathering feedback and revising your design
  • Enhancing your communication skills

Topic 7: Cross Compatible

  • Adjust images for various devices and operating systems
  • Portrait display vs. Landscape display – How does it affect the outcome?
  • Slicing & preparing images for coding
  • Confirming your design

Topic 8: Building Your App

  • Final Mobile Application Assignment


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