Introduction to Database

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This course is designed to give students working knowledge of the varying kinds of database systems and practical experience in database design and implementation. It covers conceptual modeling, Standard Query Language(SQL), object oriented database systems, hierarchical and network databases.
Introduction to DBMS( Database Management Systems)
• Importance of data, database and database management systems
• Components and functions of a DBMS
• Evolution of database models
• Types of Distributed DBMS

The Database Life Cycle (DBLC)
• Phases in database life cycle (DBLC): Conceptual, logical and physical database design

Database organization
• Flat
• Hierarchical
• Network
• Relational
• Object-oriented databases

Database Design Strategies
• Top-down versus Bottom-up design
• Centralized versus decentralized design
• Normalization techniques

Introduction to Structured Query Language(SQL)
• Creating relational database schemes
• Formulating basic queries


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