Graphic Design Fundamentals

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This course will cover both the fundamental theoretical and practical aspects of Graphic design.

Description: This course will cover both the fundamental theoretical and practical aspects of Graphic design.

Students will be able to effectively plan and create professional visual communication solutions for a wide range of applications. They will also gain a working knowledge of the principles, techniques and technologies employed in this field.

Minimum Requirements:  ICDL (Base or Standard)

Course Overview: On completing this course students should be able to:

 Outline the history, development and impact of graphic design
 Gain working knowledge of industrial design standards, copyright and
intellectual property
 Outline the principles and elements of design
 Outline the stages in the graphic design process
 Interpret client needs effectively
 Apply research and developmental skills in the creation of graphical design
 Plan and execute design projects
 Manipulate professional design software
 Build a personal design portfolio

Employability Skills: At the end of the course students will be able to:

 Create graphical design solutions for business, educational,
entertainment, religious and personal use
 Critic design pieces
 Comply with deadlines
 Interact with clients effectively
 Employ strategies for further self-development in graphic design
 Perform minimum ten hours work study

Student Expectations: Be eager to use software and equipment to carry out activities
 Be eager to complete practical and classes
 Work in a timely manner
 Pay attention to details
 Display neatness and creativity
 Create multimedia content
 Practice.
 Be eager to participate in internships, festivals and workshops.


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