Digital Animation Foundations

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Course Description: This course aims to introduce students to the history, principles and techniques of animation
through 2D and 3D animation techniques. Students will explore basic exercises that will cover
the key theories for the principles of animation. From these exercises students will be required
to develop both 2D and 3D animations. Emphasis will be placed on the art of creating
convincing movement through the principles of animation. Students will be able to view and
discuss animation that is currently used in television, film, interactive media and the Internet. In
addition, they will complete several individual animation exercises, as well as work on a group

Course Objectives:
On completing this course, students should be able to demonstrate …
1. demonstrate a thorough understanding of the foundations of traditional animation
2. create drawings that represent the different types of motion
3. analyze motion in real life
4. critique 2D and 3D productions
5. explain persistence of vision as it relates to flipbooks
6. simulate motion using flipbooks
7. create models
8. conceive a 2D animation using flipbooks
9. conceive a 3D animation using models
10. appreciate the history of developing animations
11. effectively construct a concise story through animation
12. appreciate the importance of animation
13. value the principles of animation
14. classify each principle of animation when in use in a production

15. construct animations using basic drawing and modeling techniques
16. analyze motion and animated productions
17. use various animation software
18. analyze the anatomy (bi-ped) and apply that knowledge to creating characters and making
them move
19. compose a 2D or 3D animation using various animation software
20. produce cut-out animation
21. generate a cut-out character from model sheet to character animation
22. utilize a character rig to create animations
23. organize a cut-out character using appropriate pivot points and body part relationships


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