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Our 2017 “ICT Summer School  was a BLAST!” the exact words use to describe the experience from one of our ICT Instructors. Students between the ages 7-16 years old attended the program over the school summer vacation which took place at our head office and training center located at sharpe street Kingstown.

Over 50 students graduated in this year’s ICT summer program and we are very happy to be apart of building and enhancing their young lives. The Program consisted of 4 key ICT areas leading the ICT industry today; Robotics, Digital Animation, Graphic Design and Game Development.

Robotics: Students learnt to build robots using the popular lego mindstorm kits, going from individual parts to the completed product. Students employed a range of thought and skill processing mechanics during the creation of these robots by following detailed instructions to assemble the components after which an interactive graphical programing language was used to enable the robots movement and Artificial Intelligence.

Digital Animation: Students were introduced to the basic concepts of creating 2d animations through software and industry used devices such as a Graphic Pad( wacom intuos pro), Pivot and OpenToonz. Students were then split into groups where they created 2d animations relying on teamwork while adhering the guidance of their instructor.

Graphic Design: Students were very much engaged in learning more about what it takes to create digital Graphics and photographic enhancements to their selfie pictures. As a key component in today’s ICT industry, Graphic Design is no joke as we employ the use of it when delivering our summer school advertisement posters. Photoshop, one of the more popular tools used today was a great platform for facilitating this segment of the program and students were able to create and learn the basic techniques for creating great posters and photo ehancements.

Game Development: Students were very excited to learn that they too can create video games after realizing how easy it was to use the game development programming language scratch. Our instructors gave all the basic knowledge along with a step by step process of creating a simple 2d racing game and were surprised at the improvements and additions that these young mind came up with on there own.

Below are a few pictures of the ICT Summer Program, we hope to see more young and talented minds for next years program. Be sure that your child or children, friends and family sign up early next year June to secure their spot.


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